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Making a call is easy. Just select the country you want to call and dial the short code and follow the prompts. You will be billed per second for the call and the charge will be deducted from your credit if you are Pay-as-you-go or added to your bill if you are on a contract.
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Cheap International Calls from 3 UK Mobile

CallFarLess allows users of 3 UK mobile phones to make cheap international mobile calls from UK to anywhere in the world. Using our services, you can make cheap international mobile calls to over 400 destinations and most networks within serviced countries. You can call abroad to both mobiles and landlines at the cheapest international calling rates. To call abroad the user needs only enter a shortcode and dial their desired number.There is no connection fee, no minimum call charges, are billed per second, and have absolutely no hidden charges. Our calls are so cheap you will only be charged the advertised pence per minute all-inclusive rate for the country you wish to call. Start making cheap international mobile calls from the UK today.

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Bangladesh, Thailand, USA, India, Pakistan, Poland, Nigeria, Ireland, France, Australia, S Africa